How Professional Movers Handle Office Installation

How Professional Movers Handle office Installation

Regarding moving, office equipment and furniture require more than just a standard residential mover. Consider hiring professional office movers to handle your relocation. Inventory your office equipment and furniture, ensuring that all items are included in the move. Create a system for labeling to prevent the accidental loss of your company’s award plaque collection or break room foosball set during transit.

Getting Started

If your company has any equipment or furniture that will require special handling or packing, such as a state-of-the-art copier or break room foosball table, plan ahead. This will help you get it done faster and prevent your movers from wasting time trying to figure out what to do with it on moving day.

Determine your new office layout and if necessary, have the floor surveyed to locate things like ethernet connections and power sockets. This will make setting up tech equipment much easier, and may be something your movers can offer to do for you.

Create an inventory list of all the items in your office and mark them with a label, color or number system to identify them. This will keep your movers from accidentally losing company-branded mugs or the trophy collection while packing up desks and chairs. It will also ensure everything gets to the right place in your new space so you can use it as intended.

Coordinate with your building management to reserve elevators and loading docks as needed. You may also need to get approval for a new access key or grant your movers special access on moving day.

If you’re leasing your new space, let the property manager know when you’re planning to move in so they can make arrangements for turning off water and electricity in your old office and allowing the movers to enter as needed. Also, let any vendors (like landscaping, security or cleaning) servicing your current office know you’ll be moving soon so they can reroute services to your new location.


Many furniture pieces will have delicate mirrors, glass panels, and ornaments that can be damaged during the move. If these are present, it’s best to take them apart so they can be protected and easily reassembled in the new location.

When disassembling furniture, it’s important to label each piece with the specific parts and how they fit together. This will allow movers to reassemble the furniture in the correct order and save time. Additionally, it will help ensure that all pieces are accounted for and that no items are missing during the move.

Lastly, it’s important to mark each item with its wires and electrical connections to make the process of reconnecting them easier when you get to your new home office. This will also prevent the risk of any accidental tripping or damage that could be caused by misplacing cables. This step is particularly important when it comes to reassembling computers and other electronic equipment.


When disassembling cubicles, take the time to assess how they are wired. This will help reassembly at the new office space go more smoothly. Taking photos of each step of the disassembly process is also beneficial for reference later. This will prevent workflow from being stalled during the move.

Once the cubicles are disassembled, it is important that all parts are labelled promptly. This will make it easier to reassemble each piece of furniture once the company relocates. This is particularly true for items that have interlocking pieces like trundle drawers and vanity tables.

The same professional movers who helped disassemble the cubicles can assist with reassembly once they reach the new workspace. They can ensure that each part fits correctly in order to avoid common issues like storage drawers sticking. They can also help with reinstalling monitors, keyboards, and printers. Having experienced crews on hand to handle each aspect of the office relocation will help your company save time and money. In addition, it will ensure that your employees can work effectively from their new cubicles without delay. This will improve productivity and avoid unnecessary loss of revenue. The faster a business can get back to its normal workflow, the more profitable it will be.


When a business moves into a new commercial property, it needs to be set up quickly. This ensures that employees can begin work immediately and minimizes downtime and loss of productivity. Professional movers can help businesses by providing quick and seamless installation services. They can even handle special requirements, such as transporting sensitive equipment or meeting specific timelines.

Prior to moving day, it’s important to conduct a walk-through of your old office space. This is an opportunity to see if any items were overlooked or left behind and to survey the premises for any damage. It’s also a good idea to test phones, computers, Wi-Fi and other technology so that you can get back up and running ASAP.

It’s a good idea to map out the floor plan of your new office before the move. This will give you an idea of where the desks and other furniture will go, as well as the location of ethernet connections and power sockets. This information can then be used to arrange for phone and internet installation, which may be included with your full-service moving company’s package. If not, you should coordinate with local providers.